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The 3D visual experience of AR creates a highly engaging and interactive experience for your events & tradeshows. This highly scalable immersive visual experience comprehends your ideas better and connects with the customers more personally. Instead of having to ask people to come to your exhibit, AR itself attracts more and more people and provides an ever-lasting experience.

Immersive Visual Experience: Events & Tradeshows

Interact With Famous Personalities in Events Through AR

Marker-based Augmented Reality

AR-Navigation in Trade Shows

Marketing Solutions For Events & Tradeshows:


With AR in Events and Tradeshows, you can bring your entire business process to life. AR transforms each and every point of the process into an interactive trigger point using its immersive visuals. With increased interaction, a customer gets to have a memorable time.


To stand-out among the rest of your competitors, it is important to do something different. ‘Personalised User Experience’ is one such way. AR in Events & Tradeshows can help bridge the gap between the viewer and the brand and can entice a much wider audience to your event booth.

Flexible, Multi-Use

Usually the audio-visual content designed and curated for events and tradeshows becomes redundant after the event. With AR, this content can be used beyond its show-floor usage and can be upgraded and updated as and when required without having to start from the scratch.

What Does AR Bring To The Events and Tradeshows Industry?


Boosts Customer Engagement - With an augmented visual experience, you get a chance to engage with the customers and ensure that you grab their attention. By bringing your demonstration to life, augmented reality in Events & Tradeshows boosts customer engagement manifolds and increases the dwell time.



Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding AR in Events and Tradeshows Industry down below.

Augmented Reality in Tradeshows & Events leads to an effective demonstration. With AR, you can demonstrate your products in a way that is much more bewitching and attractive. Instead of having static 2D images in a catalog, you can bring a 3D model of the product to the trade show with you. Viewers can see the product in the real-world space and would be able to relate with the content.

Immersive-AR experience plays a major impact on a customer and leads to higher customer engagement and increased conversions.

It is highly debatable as to whether a physical experience of a tradeshow event is better or the visual one. Though the real idea behind a tradeshow is to implement it on the show-floor. But with the change in trends and a general shift in the viewer’s standpoint, a visual experience is becoming more popular. With AR a viewer can experience the physical experience right from the comfort of their home.

Having said that, implementation of AR on the showfloor can actually change the whole dynamics and can give it just an edge over the isolated home visual experience.

There are numerous benefits of Augmented Reality(AR) in Trade Shows. Firstly, it provides a personalized visual experience to the viewer. Secondly, it brings your product demonstration to life and leaves a sensational effect that stays with the viewer.

The third biggest benefit of AR in Trade shows is the logistical savings you can get by augmenting your product and demonstrations rather than creating new demos every time for each event and tradeshow.

We offer customized end-to-end solutions for creating, testing and deploying AR-based marketing solutions in the Events & Tradeshows. We have a range of plans to offer, with different milestones and deliverables based on the needs of the client. For more information or to get in touch with us, Contact us now.

It’s pretty simple and easy to start with. Just let us know about your requirements and we’ll sit down, conceptualize and bring forth the creativity. We pride ourselves in providing the best for our clientele allowing them to market their brands and gain high traction.

To witness the above-mentioned experience for yourself, Contact us now. Email Us schedule a meeting

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