Business cards have long been used to provide a potential customer with the required details to get in touch with you at a later stage. But more often than not, these business cards just add up to the pile or stash of business cards that no buddy looks at. It becomes really difficult for a client to remember who gave them the card, what did they offer and all such things. In order to achieve success in networking and connecting with potential clients and ensuring a callback, an augmented reality business card is can very well be an ideal solution. This AR Business Card has immense utility, is highly convenient and with its immersive qualities can make you stand out amidst your competitors. These cards make it easier for the client/customer to know more about your brand and connect with you. All they have to do is simply point their smartphone camera over the AR business card.
An AR Business Card acts as a virtual advertisement in itself. It provides valuable information about your brand and the products offered while providing simple call-to-action and connect-with buttons, all at the same time.
This augmented business card allows you to provide loads of information to users which otherwise is simply not possible to inculcate in a small traditional business card. This information can range from 3D models of your products, product demo videos, brand story, social media handles, company website, call-to-action-buttons, and so on.

How Does an AR Business Card Work?

An AR Business Card is marker-based. This marker-based AR uses image recognition to find visual ‘markers’ in the real world. By simply using a smartphone camera, a user can visually track a marker, which upon scanning, provides an immersive visual experience.
An AR Business card works in the exact same way. The business card acts as a marker for the user to scan with their phones. Upon scanning, the card comes to life and provides additional information to the user in an engaging and interactive manner.

Marker-based AR Business Card

An AR business card with a printed marker can be created with a lot of ease and is very affordable. Usually, a QR code is used as a marker.
- An AR business card looks exactly like a normal business card, the only difference being a printed marker, usually a QR code.
- A user can scan this QR code simply by using their smartphone device’s camera.
- Once scanned, a user will be redirected to a link/web portal to witness an immersive visual experience.

What Content Can be Added to an AR Business Card?

Although the content that goes on a business card depends on the requirements and needs of the business entity. But there are a few basic details that are either necessary or add value to the business card.

Advantages of AR Business Cards


App-less Technology - An AR business card functions without any app. It simply works with any smartphone device camera. Using the built-in smartphone camera, AR business cards initiate an immersive experience in the mobile web browser.

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