Immersive 3D-360 Shoppable Booth

Interactive, immersive 3D-360 virtual booth with seamless integration for increased engagement and sales

Virtual 3D-360 Shoppable Store: New Era of Customer Engagement

A complete web-based experience

A complete web-based experience

Explore products in an interactive way

Explore products in an interactive way

Mobile-friendly and Responsive

Mobile-friendly and Responsive

E-commerce integration with seamless shopping

E-commerce integration with seamless shopping

Interactive look and walk around experience

Interactive look and walk around experience

Recreate the brand’s identity, look, and interiors

Recreate the brand’s identity, look, and interiors

Futuristic shopping experience

Futuristic shopping experience

Create immersive experiences with quick to deploy and ready-to-use solutions

Why should you think of a virtual booth?

attract customers into shopping

Perfect way to attract and entice customers into shopping.


Increases 2.5x dwell time and User Stay Period

Seamless integration and promotion across online and offline platforms

Seamless integration and promotion across online and offline platforms

Delightful and engaging shopping experience

Delightful and engaging shopping experience

Interactive product display

Interactive product display, discoveries, and engagement points

In-store shopping

Recreate the hands-on approach of the in-store shopping


Scalability in terms of gamification, trigger points, and interactive games


24/7 availability and global presence

How can we customize our 3D-360 Booth?

Create engaging and interactive 3D-360 booth as per your liking with multi-fold customization

Attract customers into shopping

Add store background tracks to enhance the vibe

Create customizable in-store banners, content, and TVCs

Create customizable in-store banners, content, and TVCs

Fully customizable floor

Fully customizable floor, ceilings, tiles, lights, and more

Highly scalable

Highly scalable options for rooms and sections

Provide interactive trigger points

Provide interactive trigger points like products categories, gender, likes, and more

Customizable in-store product placement

Customizable in-store product placement, layout, and structure

Redesign and Retouch

Redesign and retouch the store according to different seasons

Unlimited Marketing Potential with Virtual Booth

Tap into unlimited marketing potential with these triggers and activation points to drive traffic and engagements to your virtual booth:

QR-codes for print ads and out of home advertising

Fully organic marketing campaign on social media platforms

Integrated Google Display Network and Ads

Fully customizable mobile ads

In-app ads on various third-party platforms

Tap into influencers to create high traffic for your brand

Promotional video/TVC/Radio Ads for your brand store

Customized Emailer campaign and banners

Let us create immersive engaging environment for your brand

Enhance your brand’s image and drive up sales with the use of 3D immersive booth. Here are verticals that can improve their store presence with virtual AR booth:
Expoodle Vertical

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding 3D 360 booth down below.

Customers these days don’t just buy the product, they buy the experience. 3D booths are a great way to create engagements and provide an immersive experience to the customers. 3D booths can allow you to build a broader audience, amplify customer experience and tap into a wider spectrum.

3D booths ensure that the brands can provide the customers with the opportunity to interact, meet, engage, and collaborate in a secure and safe manner. It also ensures that the brand can present the products in an innovative and creative way allowing them to increase their brand interaction and boost brand value. Add to it the factors like zero logistics, time, and space-saving, it sure is a good shot.

A 3D booth needs to have an efficient visual rendering, engaging view-around, and 360-degree immersive experience.

All you need to do is share your campaign brief and ideation with us and our 3D booth developing expert team at Expoodle will take care of it. We will conceptualize a clear engaging 3D booth visualization and share it with you for approval. Basis approval we design, test, and launch the 3D booths.

We offer customized end-to-end solutions for creating, testing, and deploying 3D booths. We offer various plans with different milestones and deliverables based on the needs of the client. Give us a call or connect with us today for more information.

Create your Virtual Booth today!

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