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Augmented Reality in FMCG & Packaging provides a faster, sustainable and much wider consumer reach. AR’s immersive visuals not only provide a tangible experience to the customers but also links this with the major touchpoints of your marketing campaign. AR in FMCG and Packaging ensures higher engagement and interaction with the customer, helps in gaining customer’s trust, creates brand recognition and ensures brand loyalty.

Immersive Visual Experience For FMCG & Packaging

Immersive Brand Experience Through AR Billboards

Better Visualization Through AR Magazines/Brochures

AR For Detailed Product Description

Marketing Solutions For FMCG & Packaging:

Trigger Points

With Expoodle’s AR-backed marketing solutions for FMCG & Packaging, you can create multifold trigger points for customer engagements. AR-based marketing solutions can integrate immersive visual experiences designed to enhance user interaction and build lasting impressions ultimately resulting in increased conversions.

Attract, Engage
And Acquire More

With visual immersiveness at the forefront, customers can be attracted and engaged faster and for longer than any other means of marketing. Visual memory and stimulus have longer retention points among customers. Augmented Reality in product packaging & FMCG is the perfect way to leverage visual retention and provide sustainable consumer reach.

Highly Scalable
And Customizable

AR marketing solutions are highly scalable and customizable. Whether it’s a single product marketing or holistic brand marketing, AR in FMCG can integrate all core aspects of marketing with far better outreach and traction than traditional marketing.

What Does AR Bring To The FMCG & Packaging Sector?


AR In Product Packaging - FMCG companies with the use of AR, can turn their traditional packaging into an amazing experience to add value that translates into a boost in sales. With interactive packaging, it is possible to engage and interact with the customer and develop a stronger connection.



Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding AR in FMCG & Packaging down below.

Yes. AR marketing campaigns are designed with an approach to attract and engage customers. They can be streamlined and curated to aid your existing marketing campaigns too.

There are various activation and trigger points that can be integrated into the FMCG & Packaging industry. Trigger points like out-of-home advertising, end product packaging, living product labels, webAR experience, and QR-codes can allow brands to integrate visual immersiveness into their branding and outreach customers.

With the recent advancement in technologies, AR has become accessible and widely available. Brands across the globe are embracing digital transformation to gain a competitive edge. AR can give that out-of-box marketing base for brands to build on and attract customers. AR marketing trigger points can provide tangible experience and build brand awareness and loyalty.

Over 2 out of 4 consumer goods purchase decisions are influenced by visual interaction and engagement. This is where AR marketing can provide hyper-personalized marketing solutions to enrich customer experience and drive sales. It has a high ROI when compared to other marketing means and is known to provide faster and sustainable consumer reach.

The cost of AR marketing depends on the exact requirements, scope of the project, and the trigger point integrations required by the brand. We at Expoodle, base our work on understanding the client’s requirements and providing unmatched quality service to upscale brand engagement and awareness. Get in touch with us at experience@expoodle.com for more on pricing details.

The exact time duration for the project depends upon the requirements and degree of customization. Get in touch with us at experience@expoodle.com for more on pricing details.

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