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A virtual try-on is one of the salient features of augmented reality. With virtual try-on, a customer can try a product before buying (Try-before-you-buy) by simply using a smartphone device.

Letting a customer try products before buying, allows for better shopping decisions and ensures that a customer gets what he wants.

A virtual try-on has completely revolutionized the way people shop online. It gets rid of all the uncertainties and doubts involved in online shopping and paves way for smart shopping decisions. Moreover, it has turned out to be one of the better ways to do away from all the restrictions and hassles involved in a typical in-store shopping experience.

Brands and companies across verticals are adopting and implementing this feature in all their campaigns in the pursuit of higher traction and revenue generation. Virtual try-on allows brands to provide a demo of the products in real-time with its immersive and interactive capabilities. It provides an accurate and precise look, feel, and size of the products.

Using Web AR, a customer can tap on the ‘try-on’ button to enter the virtual try-on experience. This user-friendly experience is easily accessible from a smartphone and there’s no need for the customer to download an app.

The best part about it is that it can be deployed across platforms and channels and hence allows brands to redirect users from their websites and social media platforms alike to experience virtual try-on, which further motivates the customer to make a purchase.

Virtual Try-on Use Cases

Virtual Makeup Try-on:

Makeup is something that you can’t really be sure of how it may look until and unless you apply it. With virtual try-on, a customer can try a wide range of products and apply, re-apply them time and again.

Sephora, the famous French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products, launched a virtual mirror back in 2016. This mirror allowed customers to try different shades of lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. with just a tap of a button. A user can choose from the wide range of color palettes available and try different products before reaching a final decision.

Virtual Sunglasses Try-On:

A virtual try-on experience done right can become the real game-changer for any brand or company. By placing a ‘try-on’ button within your product pages, you can allow your customers to get an accurate feel of the product in the most engaging and interactive manner that boosts your sales manifolds.

With a virtual try-on, a customer can try various frames, different kinds of designs, and colors by simply using the front-facing mobile camera of their smartphone device. The given example is one of the prime examples of this app-less technology’s application. This Web AR is compatible with both android as well as iOS devices.

Look at this virtual sunglasses try-on by Ray-Ban - All about you.

Virtual Try-On Clothing:

When we talk about shopping for clothes, it is one of the most enjoyable experiences for a customer, but at the same time can become cumbersome and tiring. The usual hassles involved in traditional in-store shopping experiences like standing in long queues or having to dress-undress again and again can make the whole experience a little dull. With virtual try-on, all these hassles are done away with.

With virtual try-on, a customer can try different clothing items without having to go through any of the above-mentioned hassles, right from the comfort of their homes.

Timberland LLC, the popular fashion brand, came up with an in-store virtual try-on experience. Using a huge smart mirror (XMirror) right outside their store, they aimed at catching the attention of the passers-by to instigate or persuade them to stop and try Timms’ clothes. This augmented reality-based 3D virtual fitting solution not only grabbed eyeballs but allowed the customers to conveniently try on and see new pieces of clothing draped over their bodies without any undue or unwanted troubles.

Look at what Timberland has done to gain a multifold increase in revenues and sales:

3D Product Demonstration

From the same school of virtual try-on, came into existence a feature called virtual product demo. Although, it is pretty much similar to virtual try-on, its ability to demonstrate retail goods like furniture, electronics, etc. along with the wearables, makes it even more special.

With a 3D product demonstration, a customer can get an accurate idea about the feel, look, and size of the product.

Let’s have a look at what Nespresso has done in 3D product demonstration:

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