Top 10 Augmented Reality Use Cases in FMCG & Packaging

1. Unilever

Owning over 400 brands, Unilever PLC is a British MNC for consumer goods that are sold in over 190 countries across the globe.
Foods and Refreshments; Home Care; and Beauty & Personal Care are the three main divisions into which Unilever is organized.
In its first-ever ‘BeautyThatCares’ sale, Unilever added augmented reality to its campaign which was activated on Facebook.
This allowed the consumers to see the products in hyper-reality by simply scanning Unilever’s beauty and personal care products. This AR feature also allowed customers to discover special discount coupons that could be redeemed during the sale.


Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
CEO: Alan Jope
Founded: 2 September 1929, UK
Subsidiaries: Ben & Jerry's, Hindustan Unilever
Parent organization: Unilever plc
Founders: Antonius Johannes Jurgens, Samuel van den Bergh, Lever Brothers, Georg Schicht

2. Nestle

A Swiss multinational food and drinks processing cooperation, Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company having over 2000 brands globally.
In one of their famous chocolates, Nestlé Milkybar, Nestle launched an AR-based campaign. With augmented packaging in selected packs of Nestlé Milkybar and Milkybar Moosha, customers can learn more about the product. The basic aim of this was to promote the idea of recycling and planting more trees. Upon scanning, users ( target audience being children and teenagers), would see a short and customized AR video.


Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland
CEO: Ulf Mark Schneider (1 Jan 2017–)
Founder: Henri Nestlé
Founded: 1866, Vevey, Switzerland
Subsidiaries: Nespresso, Nestlé India, Nestlé Japan

3. Herbal Essences

With almost 30 varied hair care products, Herbal Essences is a part of Procter & Gamble (P&G) for its hair products line. Each of these varied hair products is designed uniquely for different kinds of hair and the solutions required for them.
To enable their customers to make better choices while selecting a hair product, herbal Essences partnered with 3rock to bring Herbal Essence to life in an amazing Augmented Reality Experience at London's Waterloo, Victoria, and Paddington Stations.
Within this augmented experience, viewers could digitally experience an interactive beachscape around the bottle accompanied with an informative video that spoke about the products and the problems of plastic waste. This one-of-its-kind immersive experience grabbed everyone’s attention, provided viewers with in-depth knowledge about Herbal Essences and how they use authentic, natural ingredients to prepare their hair products.

Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences
Product Type: Hair Care
Parent Company: Procter & Gamble
Founded: 1971
Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA
CEO: Benjamin Hartley
Markets: Worldwide
Previous owners: Clairol

4. Francesco Rinaldi

Francesco Rinaldi is a pasta sauce company that has been around for almost five decades. This pasta sauce is manufactured as the only private-label product of the independent, privately-owned LiDestri Foods.
The company wanted to bring its brand icon, Mrs. Rinaldi to life using augmented reality. By linking tradition with innovation, Francesco Rinaldi’s AR app turned the pasta sauce jars into AR-based markers.
Once the app is downloaded, users can scan these jars using their smartphone device’s camera, and see Mrs. Rinaldi come to life, where she shares her stories about her pasta sauce and what makes it so special.
Not only this, every AR scan is embedded with “tap for more” buttons, that redirect the users to multiple landing pages that contain more information about the product, the company, the packaging design, the list of recipes, etc.
This AR app increased customer loyalty for Francesco Rinaldi multi-folds, enhanced customer interaction, and increased brand recognition.

Francesco Rinaldi

Francesco Rinaldi
Owners: LiDestri Foods
Founder: Ralph Cantisano
Found: 1982
CEO: Giovanni LiDestri

5. Godrej

Godrej is an Indian MNC operating in diverse sectors such as real estate, furniture, agricultural products, industrial engineering, appliances, consumer products, etc.
In 2014, Godrej Interio launched their range of furniture Freestile, using AR at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. This Freestile sofa was an innovative piece of furniture that was a combination of style, elegance, and functionality.
Digital Law & Kenneth conceptualized and designed the augmented reality experience with Hungama and White Leaf Entertainment as the technical partners and the event organizers respectively.
This near-perfect integration of technology and brand promise, combined with brand immersion and enhanced immersive engagement, made the whole experience the highlight of the event.


Founded: 1897
Founder: Ardeshir Godrej; Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Subsidiaries: Godrej Consumer Products Limited; Godrej Infotech Ltd; Godrej Industries Ltd; Godrej Properties Ltd; Godrej Agrovet; Godrej & Boyce; Godrej Housing Finance Ltd

6. Heinz

Heinz is an American food processing company, that manufactures thousands of products that are sold all over the world in more than 200 countries.
For launching a digital marketing campaign to promote their tomato ketchup in 2011, Heinz used augmented reality to turn their packaging into a fun, immersive experience. This led to more than 1,70,000 user engagements.
With Blippar, Heinz developed an AR experience that worked for both iOS and Android. By simply scanning their phone over the brand packaging label, users could easily unlock a secret recipe book and download these recipes.


Founder: Henry J. Heinz
Founded: January 1869, Pennsylvania, United States
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
CEO: Bernard Hees
Parent organizations: 3G Capital, Berkshire Hathaway, and Kraft Heinz Company
Subsidiaries: Ore-Ida, Wattie's

7. P&G Gillette

The famous brand of safety razors and other personal care products like shaving supplies, Gillette is an American brand, owned by the huge multi-national company, Procter & Gamble (P&G).
Back in 2016, P&G’s Gillette launched an AR-based mobile application for one of their newly launched razor. This immersive packaging allowed the users to simply scan the product packaging using their smartphone device’s camera and witness the whole product come to life, each piece coming together to create the final product.
With this experience, the users could see a detailed 3D visualization along with all the USPs of the product virtually and get to know everything about the product. With features like 360-degree rotate, zoom-in, zoom-out, etc. provided an even better user experience.

P&G Gillette

P&G Gillette
Product Type: Shaving supplies, Safety razors, & personal care products
Owner: Procter & Gamble
Country: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Introduced: September 28, 1901; 120 years ago[1]
Markets: Worldwide
Previous owners: The Gillette Company


Another famous American multinational consumer products company, Colgate-Palmolive specializes in the production, distribution, and provision of health care, personal care, household, and veterinary products.
Recently, Colgate came up with a solution to make brushing teeth fun for kids. Using AR, they gamified the whole bruising experience for kids ages 6+.
With these fun and engaging game experience, the aim of the whole AR experience was to inspire kids to brush their teeth. While brushing kids can unlock new augmented worlds, win gifts, and earn rewards, thus, eliminating the struggle of getting kids to brush their teeth.
The first app-enabled toothbrush “Colgate Magik” was specially designed for kids above the age of 5. Not only does it promote good brushing habits, but it also serves several other purposes, all of this, while making the whole experience fun and exciting for the kids.


Headquarters: New York, United States
CEO: Noel Wallace
Founder: William Colgate
Founded: 1806; NY, United States of America
Subsidiaries: Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd

9. Marico

Marico Limited, an Indian multinational consumer goods company, provides consumer products and services in the areas of beauty, health, and wellness across Asia and Africa in over 25 countries.
In March 2021, they started an interesting Instagram AR game for the festival Onam campaign - ‘Parachute Advansed Instagram AR Filter Game.’
In this interesting Instagram AR game, the user has to get all the right ingredients by moving their head left and right. A fun game that was used by many influencers and celebrities!


CEO: Saugata Gupta
Founder: Harsh Mariwala
Founded: 2 April 1990, Mumbai
Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Subsidiary: Kaya Limited

10. Kellogg’s

An American MNC, Kellogg's is a food manufacturing company that manufactures and markets its products in more than 180 countries.
Last year, Kellog’s came up with a WebAR experience for its Coco Pops cereal brand, named ‘Coco Pops Adventures.’
This Web AR experience was deployed in the multi-channel marketing campaign and could be accessed by simply scanning the cereal box with a smartphone device, which would automatically redirect the user to the phone’s web browser and enter the immersive experience.
Kellog’s along with Tonic International and Blippar created a series of AR adventures using Blippar’s WebAR tech.
This Coco Pops experience transports the children into an immersive virtual jungle where they go on an adventure with ‘Coco the Monkey’ through a chocolate vortex. The whole interactive adventure is split across two immersive worlds - Maya and Arabian.


Headquarters: Battle Creek, Michigan
CEO: Steve Cahillane
Founder: Will Keith Kellogg
Founded: 19 February 1906, Michigan, USA
Subsidiaries: Keebler Company, Kellogg (Japan) G.K.

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