How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Health & Wellness Sector

23 August 2021, 4.43 mins, Team Expoodle

“Health is Wealth” - We all know this, but somehow we forget it time and again. To ensure a happy, successful and long life, it is essential to take care of one’s health. With the continuous development in technology, it is no surprise that the Health & Wellness Sector is also benefiting from immersive tech and can be one of the most benefited and improved sectors in the coming years.

Table of Content:

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Correlation Between AR and Health & Wellness
  3. 3. 4 Ways in Which AR Can Benefit Brands in The Health & Wellness Sector
    1. 3.1. Interactive Packaging
    2. 3.2. Product Transparency
    3. 3.3. End outcome
    4. 3.4. Customization (as per the customer’s wellness needs)
  4. 4. How Can AR Enhance Health & Wellness for a customer?
  5. 5. Wrapping Up


With the continuous development in technology, newer avenues like immersive tech have become a possibility and the Health & Wellness sector has benefited first hand from the acceleration in lifelike technology.

We here take a look at how augmented reality has benefited this sector and how it is going to revolutionize health and wellness.

Correlation Between Augmented Reality and Health & Wellness

Wellness technology, backed by AR (AR in Health & Wellness Sector), has a huge market to capture with the fitness and mind-body exercise market capped at almost $400 billion; healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss market valued at $277 billion; and fitness and wearable technology at $82 billion. Similarly, the overall physical activity market is valued at $828 billion at present with estimations of $1.1 trillion by 2023.

With the realisation sinking in people’s minds as to why taking good care of one’s health should be a top priority, a significant change in the lifestyle can already be seen. With this change in perception, wellness has somehow become the new status symbol.

Now that the realisation has set in, it is really important to understand how to follow this idea of healthy living and, more importantly, how to maintain this healthy routine.

Serving its primary purpose, technology is yet again the answer to this conundrum. It has paved the way for enhanced wellness and is bound to gain more momentum from here on. Augmented Reality is one such immersive tech that has risen in the recent past and has shown immense potential. AR can help optimise the health and well-being of its users, creating an easy to adopt wellness lifestyle and even easier to maintain consistency and regularity.

4 Ways in Which AR Can Benefit Brands in The Health & Wellness Sector

1. Interactive Packaging : As a brand, what can you do differently? One of the biggest opportunity lies in your packaging. By using AR, you can make your packaging come to life. By simply scanning your product, a customer can see the product’s USP or the idea behind the product’s creation and so on. For instance, if your product is an energy drink.

With the help of augmented packaging and using an avatar, you can show how drinking this product would give the user the required energy and strength.

2. Product Transparency : Every customer wishes to know more about the product and the brand before consuming anything, especially when it is directly related to one’s health and wellness. As a brand, you can show utter product transparency to gain a customer’s trust. By using AR, you can show the origin of the product, its contents and ingredients, and prove its authenticity.

3. End outcome : Another major use of AR in the Health & Wellness Sector is that it can be used to show the end-outcome of your product. Every customer wants to know the end-outcome of a particular wellness product in order to be really sure if they want to consume it. With the help of AR, this becomes simpler and more realistic. It can be used to show a customer how a product would benefit them, not only externally but internally too. By providing the customer with detailed, visual information about the nutritional values and benefits of the product and how it is going to impact a customer after a specific period of consumption, AR can help you as a brand to stand-out and reach a much wider audience.

4. Customization (as per the customer’s wellness needs) : With customization spreading its roots across verticals and industries, it is only fair to say that it is going to become a major attraction point in the Health & Wellness sector too. With the help of AR , a customer can create a wellness product that is based on their personal health issues. AR can simplify the visualisation for a customer, hence bridging the gap between expectation of the customer and the realistic possibility of creating such a product. This not only gives a customer a chance to make something that will actually benefit their health, but also gives the brand a chance to get customers that are bound to come back every now and then. Customization seems to be one of the keys for customer retention in the sector.

How Can AR Enhance Health & Wellness for a customer?

With the help of AR you can scan your plate and everything on it by simply using your device’s rear camera. All the required information, right from the calories, the portions of food being consumed as well as its nutritional value will be visible to you right above your plate. Now, since you get a clear picture (life-like experience) of what is being eaten, you can make sure that there is nothing on your plate that you are allergic to. So in case you are lactose intolerant, or say are allergic to peanut butter, AR can literally save your life.

Similarly, in case of medications and health supplements, you can scan any medication or supplement; get to know its composition, its benefits, ideal dosage, side effects (if any). This way you would have a much better idea of what you are consuming and what effects it has on your body. Furthermore, there might be a specific salt or medication that you might be allergic to. With the help of AR, you can make sure that you do not end up eating something that is going to leave you in a worse condition.

Augmented Reality is going to revolutionize the Health & Wellness sector and now is the time to gain an advantage over your competitors by having this life-like technology to back you. Expoodle being a Mar-Tech company, can help you in this endeavour and together we can achieve the goals you have in mind. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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