AR Menu Cards

What are AR Menu Cards?

Among the most discussed technologies over the past few years. Augmented Reality has been one of the most popular. Numerous industries, namesake food sector have used augmented reality to enrich the customer experience, increase brand awareness and tap into brand marketing.
Menus are the first interaction point for the customers to evaluate, compare and choose dishes. However, with space considerations around, menu cards can only be stretched to a certain limit. With this limitation at hand, usually, restaurants rely heavily on word of mouth, customer reviews, and on in-house staff to serve and attract customers. All of these problems can be easily solved by AR Menu Cards.
Be it a popular fast-food chain or a high-end fine dining outlet, AR Menu Card is one of the key marketing tools for any kind of restaurant.

What Makes AR Menu Cards Special?

With AR Menu cards, customers can view additional content in hyper-reality by simply pointing their smartphone device’s camera at the menu card. Upon successfully scanning the QR code or the image on the menu card, a customer can experience and engage with the interactive-immersive information packed inside the restaurant menu.
These menu cards backed by the power of this immersive tech help in providing essential information to the customers related to the food and the restaurant both, and helps immensely in the food selection process and the overall customer satisfaction.
The best part about these AR menu cards is that they can be created and deployed across platforms, be it iOS, Android, Windows, or even web browsers.

How Does it Work?

AR Menu Cards are surely one of the marvels of augmented reality but using them involves no rocket science. It is super easy and involves just three easy steps:

How Can AR Menu Cards Help Restaurants?

AR Menu Cards can help the restaurants in many ways:

Adding a New Dimension to the Dining Experience

Let your customers see the food before placing the order. Using AR in menu cards, you can add a whole new dimension to the dining experience. Increasing customer footfall and customer retention are always at the center of restaurant marketing. Along with the food’s taste, the way you serve it and how much you interact and engage with the customers proves to be the game-changer.
With AR Menu Cards, you can provide your customers to see the dishes in real-life environment, which generates curiosity and grabs a customer’s attention. These live demos accompanied by latest recipes, offers, and discounts can help you immensely in meeting the customer’s expectations and provide an amazing dining experience.
These AR Menu Cards can also be used for the purpose of entertaining a customer while they wait for their food. With augmented gamification, the simple menu cards can be changed into a virtual game board and a customer can have fun, earn rewards and coupons to be redeemed at the time of billing, thus, taking the whole immersive experience to the next level.

Smart User Experience

What is Augmented Shopping?
Let us have a look at how KabaQ has added a new dimension to the dining experience using AR:

Advantages of AR Menu Cards

Some of the exceptional features of Augmented Menu Cards are:

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