AR Gamification

What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to the integration of game mechanics into non-gaming environments, say an online community, a website, a learning system, or a business’ intranet.
The aim of the whole gamification process is to engage with customers/players/gamers and enhance interaction & participation.
With AR, this whole idea is taken to another level. AR Gamification integrates the gaming content (audios and visuals) with the player’s real-time environment. It converts the existing environment into a playing field. It is neither restricted to an environment nor does it require any special equipments, it can be played on smartphone devices, tablets, or any AR-friendly portable gaming system.
This AR Gaming can be used to take advantage of the diversity of the real-world environment and create games that are unique and attractive. The game can be as simple as a game of virtual checkers that can be played on say the dining table, and the more complex the real-world environment gets, the more advanced AR games can be built.

How Does AR Gamification Work?

AR Gamification provides gamers and audiences alike with an interactive and engaging gaming experience with its immersive qualities. It taps into the participant’s emotions and gaming habits and provides a unique gaming experience.
Pokemon Go is considered a breakthrough in AR gaming and can be looked at as the perfect example of how AR Gamification works.
It uses a smartphone’s camera, along with various sensors and detectors in-built in a smartphone device, like, gyroscope, clock, and GPS to enable a location-based augmented environment.
The real-world environment pops up in the virtual world, and at the tap on the touchscreen, a Pokemon is easily captured. With AR, a user can see a Pokemon in their real-world environment and capture it using their smartphone device.

Game Mechanics and Game Dynamics

What are Game Mechanics?

Game mechanics are the rules of the game along with the rewards at stake that appear on a digital platform, say missions, levels, leaderboards, points collected, player’s progress, badges earned, etc.
It refers to how players engage with the whole gamification process, their accomplishments, and progress, guide for the next steps/levels/missions along with the feedback.

What are Game Dynamics?

Game dynamics are nothing but the desires, emotions, and behavioral patterns that are found in the game mechanics, which resonate truly with the gamer. For instance, a leaderboard for a competition, be it a single player or a multiplayer event/competition. These leaderboards are a collaboration of the completed missions, badges earned, surprises unlocked by various participants.
These Game Dynamics along with Game Mechanics are used to foster engagement and motivate gamers and players.

Why AR Gamification?

Gamification is one of the better ways to drive engagement and influence business results. With AR Gamification, users can participate, interact and engage with your brand, can learn more about your products and services, and helps in developing a deeper connection overall.
This whole concept of AR Gamification isn’t just beneficial from the customer standpoint, but also provides the businesses and brands useful information and insightful data about the customers which can help immensely in influencing marketing campaigns.
Implemented the right way, in a strategic manner, AR Gamification can:
Increase the use and adoption of learning management tools.
Promote customer retention.
Better educate the customer about the company and its products.
Boost satisfaction levels among the customer and the brand alike.
Enhance customer engagement and ensure repeated sales.

AR Gamification

Gamification, backed by augmented reality marketing can help the brands in seeking a competitive edge over other brands and companies. With its application to real-life contexts, gamification allows for enhanced customer engagement as compared to traditional advertisements and marketing campaigns.
The best part about AR Gamification is that there is no need for a tangible game board to play the game. With AR, the whole world becomes your playboard and allows for unique experiences that are no longer restricted to a screen or a playboard.
AR displays virtual information over the physical environment of the user. This not only takes the gamification to a whole new level but also helps in boosting experiential marketing, improved conversion rates, and emotional/personal branding.

How to Incorporate AR Gamification Across Verticals?

Gamification in Retail

Gamification has been one of the major tools in increasing sales, enhancing customer engagement, and promoting the brand, especially in the retail sector.
With the emergence of gamification concepts, many of the well-known companies like, eBay, Adobe, Walgreens, Cisco, Oracle, etc. have already adopted this concept in their businesses.

Gamification in Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry has a similar concept regarding gamification. The basic aim behind the whole AR Gamification in fashion and apparel is to grab customer’s focus and attention by providing them good deals, discounts, and a phenomenal experience altogether.

Gamification in Health & Wellness

Implementing gamification into the health and wellness sector can provide the viewers with healthier and new ways of upping their game of living a healthier lifestyle. With immersive games, the whole health & wellness sector can get a much-needed boost to further motivate the users to put in the hard yards to reach their health goals.

Gamification in Events & Trade Shows

One of the major impacts of AR Gamification is on events and trade shows. Not only is the whole idea impressive, but makes the whole show floor experience fun and exciting. This intrigues a viewer and induces curiosity in their minds as to what your booth is about.

Why is AR Gamification so powerful?

Needless to say, people are competitive. This competitive spirit keeps people attentive and alive. With gamification, this competitive spirit finds a better medium and can very well be measured as per the missions or levels cleared and rewards earned. Gamification boosts the customer’s instinct for the product.
The power of gamification can be witnessed in the way it has worked wonders for the content and media houses. As per a report, using AR Gamification allowed content and media houses to enhance customer engagement by 30%-40%.
One of the best examples of AR Gamification is “19 Crimes.” They have done a campaign related to an augmented reality app where customers need to collect 19 bottles of wine that contain storytelling life characters.

Advantages of AR Gamification

One of the major benefits of Gamification is that it shoots up the desire in an employee to be at work and proves to be an inspiration to be more productive at their job, stay focused, and avoid any distractions.
Game-based motivation increases productivity levels of workers by almost 90%, and also, boosts awareness of goals and tasks by 86%.
Apart from this, there are several other advantages of AR Gamification:

Final Words

In today’s ‘always connected’ culture, user engagement is at the heart of any marketing strategy. With AR Gamification, as a brand, you can incorporate gaming mechanics into your strategies. This encourages desirable behavior from the customers and with the help of well-planned and carefully executed applications, you can ensure interactive user participation, improved brand awareness, and lasting impressions with the targeted audience.
AR Gamification can very well prove to be an effective tool for increasing brand loyalty, generating higher revenues, improving brand recognition, and attracting new customers.
A well-designed and developed gamified experience can become a game-changer for brands and companies across verticals.

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