The Rise of Expoodle

17 August 2021, 3.78 mins, Team Expoodle

How Did This Noida-Based Startup Find It's Feet In The Augmented Reality Space?

With growing trends in the immersive-tech market, this Noida-based startup focuses on delivering cross-vertical solutions in Augmented Reality space for marketing of brands and companies. With AR, you can swing your arms and create something in thin air.

The primary objective of the startup is to immerse the audience into the augmented reality experience. It focuses on individually planned and executed solutions backed by augmented reality. The startup specialises in ‘Immersive Programming’ and ‘Immersive Designing’ in AR space.


Expoodle is an offshoot of XS Worldwide, a global exhibit house catering to clients around the globe with high expertise in creative designing, project management, production capabilities, and show floor execution. They focus on listening to their client’s pain points and finding tech-enabled solutions in the AR space accordingly. Expoodle has already worked with multiple organisations in the MRO sector within defence and aviation and, as well as deployed projects for concept & product demonstration with the help of augmented reality content.

The startup also aims to transform brand practices through this technology by offering concrete solutions that would enable organisations to stand out in their sales and marketing activities. The AR space is directly beneficial in the B2C space and accentuates B2B practices by providing value additions to showcase product & service offerings in an immersive medium.

The connection between Expoodle and XS Worldwide:

The two organisations - XS Worldwide and Expoodle, believe in “companionship of breakthroughs.” Therefore, Expoodle also continuously works with XS Worldwide to provide AR solutions for several events and exhibitions on the show floor.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) witnessed the first-hand benefits of AR-backed marketing solutions by integrating cognitive experience to create an immersive consumer experience.

Expoodle, with core industry guidance & project oversight from XS Worldwide, leveraged technology to provide a safe yet immersive booth to HAL at Aeroindia 2021. HAL was the perfect example to showcase the inter-company coordination and innovation between XS Worldwide & Expoodle.

Trends in AR

The current AR market is constantly on the rise and is expected to grow upto $4.3 billion by 2025. The current rate of growth in AR promises a massive increase in its demand in the future.

There are various verticals in AR, and although the basic tech remains the same, AR works on multiple levels and provides unique solutions as per the requirements of the verticals.

Different verticals of AR usage:

AR In Retails & E-commerce : While shopping, one of the biggest headaches for a customer is that looking at the products in-store isn’t enough to get a fair idea as to how that product would look like in the customer’s house. (or any place it is intended for)

But when this experience is enhanced with AR, the customer gets an option to see this product directly in his/her own surroundings. This allows the customer to make a better decision before buying.

AR In Marketing & Advertising : When it comes to sales and marketing, AR can indeed be a game-changer. With the market becoming more and more consumer-centric, technological advances focus on meeting the customer’s ever-increasing demands and needs.

Augmented Reality allows brands to keep up with these demands and provide their customers with unique and practical solutions.

Digital ‘Try-on’ powered by AR allows the customers to visualise and experience products in their environment before purchasing, thus, reducing travel costs, shopping time, faster purchasing decision, and hygiene.

AR In Food and Beverages : Like any other industry, the Food industry also has unlimited tapping potential when it comes to Augmented Reality.

AR can be used to create pop-up AR menus, insert interactive AR product packaging, staff training, boost customer experience, and build up various marketing campaigns.

With an end-to-end service, Expoodle makes sure to cover all grounds in each of these verticals to give their clients what they need.

What exactly is Expoodle doing in all these verticals?

Expoodle takes care of the whole process, from the brain to the muscles, i.e. from coming up with the idea, its process, implementation and finally execution.

Creating an AR experience usually takes around 4-5 days, although the duration varies as per the client's requirement and the complexity involved. In addition, by using App-less technology, they eliminate the need for any sort of app download. Instead, users can simply experience Web AR on their mobile web browser by simply scanning a QR code or image scanning.


Over the past year or so, the company has created various creative Augmented Reality campaigns that reduce the gap between the Augmented world and the Real-world. In addition, they have ensured to live up to the expectations and more for all its clients. Some of the major clients they have worked with include HAL, Uflex, Thar, Applied Nutrition and Yakult.

Latest Achievement:

The certificate of recognition by the Department For Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) was granted to the startup last Monday for all the good work they have done so far and for the potential it promises in the long run. This huge milestone has filled the entire team with vigour and vim and would definitely motivate them to reach new heights.

What’s in the name?

The ‘X’ in Expoodle stands for the youth and zeal it brings into the digital world with its ‘X-tra’ ordinary ideas. It aims to put the user into another dimension claiming the unknown as known.


Expoodle has a dedicated and passionate team that would stop at nothing to get their clients the desired results. These ‘Expoodlers’ have already made a name for themselves, and if they can continue with this groundbreaking innovation, the future looks bright for them.

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