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Lure Customers with Innovative Augmented Reality experiences

Presentation is Important in F&B.
Take your delicacies up a notch with AR!

How is AR Revolutionizing the F&B Industry?

Augmented Reality Menus - Visual simulation spearheads the decision of consumption at an accelerating pace. This is especially true for delicacies as the user tends to feel hungrier when seeing a visual representation of what they want to eat. AR menus are a proven method for enhancing quicker purchasing decisions.
AR Restaurant Tours and Behind-the-Scenes - Your consumer cares about the taste as much as the hygiene of a restaurant. Through interactive restaurant tours, AR can enhance your brand loyalty by increasing the transparency of your brand’s” behind the scenes”.
Showcase Food Origin - We are all consumers at the end of the day. And as a consumer, it’s more important to know what your food is made of, instead of the dish itself. Through interactive augmentation of the origin of your food (where your milk comes from, for instance), the consumers make more conscious decisions and have a personalised experience with your brand story.
AR in Food Packaging - This solution is the one your brand should start with, given that most companies are adapting to this trend at an accelerated pace. Instead of your brand communicating through different channels, let your packaging communicate about the product itself. Through interactive packaging in AR, users tend to learn about your product and purchase it all in one single point of contact.
Brand Story in AR - Before the user accesses your menu or your product, they can learn about your brand in AR through your digital and your physical shelf. A simple QR code scan will let your consumers know what your brand is really made of!

Experience Augmented Reality:

  • Scan this QR code with your camera
  • Once scanned, you will be redirected to a browser
  • Once on the browser, put your camera in landscape mode
  • Experience WebAR seamlessly!


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