Interactive Video Experiences: Basis for Next Level Engagement

Let’s flip the script. What if traditional linear videos could have interactive points? Think of it. Multiple interaction points and easy-to-use engagement triggers can excite the users. Thankfully Expoodle’s Interactive Video Experiences and Solutions can do it for you!

Why Interactive Video Experiences

Highly Popular

Easily trackable

5X More Conversions

591% increase in Engagement

Highly Memorable and Catchy

Creates Great First Impression

Delights and Involves the User

Super Entertaining

Expoodle’s Interactive Video Solutions

No need for coding, with a simple and easy to use design.

Add multiple trigger points with questions, feedback, buttons, overlays, clickable areas, custom forms, and more.

Create branching videos with decision points and an interactive storyline.

Develop 360-degree interactive story videos.

Gamify videos with options for shop-in ideas, pricing, and checkouts in a seamless click.

Advanced reporting and analytics with heat maps and click data.

Create Multi-Fold Interactive Video Experiences


Hotspot Experience

Hotspot experience integrates automatic identification of people, objects, and products via motion tracking to provide an interactive video experience. Integrate clickable areas in the video allowing users to engage and interact with the video by simple buttons. Lead them to your web page or content with ease.

Branching Experience

Branching video experience provides an active engagement trigger for viewers enhancing their experience and enticing them to get involved. Provide users with the control and customization options giving them an enriching experience.

Data Inputs

Smartly integrate data input fields without having to force them down on the consumer. Give them the liberty of joining them with engaging fields and interaction.


Let the user hover and drag the screen within the frame in all directions. This creates an immersive experience that can allow you to generate multiple impressions.


Combine buttons and branches to provide a personalized customizable experience to the viewer. Get them on board with your brand’s reach by creating engaging quizzes and reward them with the benefits.

Deploy the Triad of Marketing, i.e. Engage, Interact, and Buy

Enhance your brand’s image and drive up sales with the use of Interactive videos. Here are verticals that can improve your store presence with Interactive Videos experiences.
Expoodle Vertical

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding Interactive Videos and Augmented Reality (AR) down below.

Interactive videos have changed the way marketing was perceived previously. It has eliminated the jargon present in the traditional video experience and brought a viable interaction point for users to connect to. It allows users to get involved in the experience giving your brand a great connection point.

Interactive video experiences present multifold benefits for a brand. It can help you in your product demos, boosting online sales, generating customer feedback, integrating social media, recruitment, and more.

Interactive videos provide a longer viewing span for people something that written content or even traditional linear videos cannot offer. Generating a longer viewing span is key to getting your brand known in the minds of the customer. If a brand can generate 3-4 minutes of attention span from a user, it will translate positively into a good impression and engagement with potential for improving sales.

The interactive video comes with multiple interaction points within the video itself which are aimed to promote customer interaction and increase dwell time. it gives users and customers something to relate and connect with, unlike the traditional video experience where the users were merely the viewers of the content.

We offer customized end-to-end solutions for creating, testing, and deploying interactive video experiences. We offer various plans with different milestones and deliverables based on the needs of the client. Give us a call or connect with us today for more information.

Drive your sales with interactive video experiences.

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