Merits of Web AR

No app installation required

Increased time spent on page(s) by 80%-240%

As good as real, custom built 3D model

2-4 times increased conversion rate

25-30% reduced cart abandonments

Lower rate of returns

360 degree product exploration

60-100% increase in purchase

Higher brand recall and better customer retention

Digital try-on with life sized AR

Hassle-free customer experience

In order to create a highly impactful Web AR experience, it is essential to take help from experts. We have a team of experienced professionals - 3D animators, graphic designers, 3D modelers, UI/UX designers and technical experts - that stop at nothing to bring to life Web AR experiences of the highest quality.

UI/UX Design

3d Models

Advancement and Development

Execution and Analysis

Expoodle’s webAR experience solutions


Creative understanding

We understand your brand, targeted audience, the need for marketing, and integrating webAR into your marketing campaign. Our team of experts provides you detailed know-how and walks you through the entire process. We make sure to understand the metrics and the outreach you’re targeting with the webAR experience and build our creative concept based on the same guidelines.


The next step in our process involves creating a design-led storyboard for the entire campaign. Based on our understanding and discussion we explore various creative avenues and enlist various branches of storyboarding exercise that can relay the message to the users. Our concepts and storyboards are designed with the aesthetic and true understanding of the brand.

Revisiting the Creation

Once we’re done with the conceptualization and storyboarding, we send the idea to the clientele for any impending changes and revisions that you may require. We make sure to enlist the idea behind our storyboarding and intake viewpoints from your side for final approval. This revisiting the creation also acts as a nod from your side to go ahead with our design.

Design & Configure

Our development team at Expoodle starts off the project design and configuration to build a comprehensive engaging webAR experience. The team ensures your project is designed with the finest of precision and understanding with a viewpoint to showcase the activation within the stipulated time.

Hosting and Handing Over

We provide an end-to-end solution for building an immersive webAR experience. Our webAR experiences having been conceptualized and designed are then hosted and maintained on the servers for super-fast access and launch across various smart devices. We make sure that nothing’s left out to create the best webAR experience for your brand.

Boost your Brand Presence with immersive webAR experiences

Create immersive next-level webAR experiences to engage and attract users to your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding WebAR down below.

Yes, webAR is stable to use. Though the technology is new and will continue improving with time, the performance aspect at present in itself is good to have. You can leverage the use of webAR to market your band. We suggest you do a thorough test before deployment to ensure that everything works fine. Rest assured you can reach out to us at any time.

Yes, you can add the watermark to your files. All you need to do is provide a watermark before uploading so that our design team can maintain and position the watermark at the correct place in the webAR experience.

No, you don’t need to have prior knowledge of A. I and Machine Learning to build webAR. They are designed by the best webAR development company, Expoodle based on the structure and creative conceptualization, and storyboarding.

webAR allows a brand to have a unique immersive experience with the customer with just a single scan of the code without the need for app installation. It brings a refreshing change from the previously traditional experiences that brands used. Using webAR brings a new avenue of interaction and can allow seamless and smoother reciprocity between the brand and the customer. It is also flexible and can be scaled to create next-level experiences.

All you need to do is share your campaign brief and ideation with us and our webAR developer expert team at Expoodle will take care of it. We will conceptualize a clear engaging webAR experience and share it with you for approval. Basis approval we design, test, and host the webAR.

The level of experience and immersiveness that webAR can provide with ease is incomparable to other means of interaction. It provides an easy-to-experience immersive basis with a single scan of the code without needing app installations.

Create your very own next-level immersive webAR experience

Build your first webAR Discover Expoodle

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