Swipe up games - Augmented Reality

Use Swipe Up games on Instagram and Facebook stories to create a uniquely interactive gaming experience for the users. By simply swiping up on Instagram stories or Facebook stories, a user can experience AR games using the in-app browser.


With the shift in focus from feeds to stories, brandsare focusing oncreating more and more stories.

Swipe up story gameslead to a much higher rate ofuser engagement.

It is easier to track influencer performance withswipe up games.

Made specifically for mobile-first, smartphone in-appbrowser experience.

Highly rich promotional value across media.

Easy and in-depth analysis of the Swipe Up game’s performance.

Improved lead generation and enhanced data capture ability.

Can be deployed across social media platforms - Instagram stories,Facebook stories, as well as Snapchat.

Expoodle’s Swipe-Up Games Solutions

Highly Interactive User Experience

Swipe-up games transform the passive story viewing experience into an engaging interactive experience. Swipe-up games are a great fun intuitive way to build a brand following and generate hype around your brand. Pretty simple to use and deploy, they can be the perfect trigger for your brand to market yourself and create immersive experiences.

High-bandwidth Engagement

Facebook and Insta Stories have become the new newsfeed and brands are leveraging it to generate high traction and drive engagements. It can be a basis for creating an engaging user experience ultimately paving way for an exponential growth spurt and promotion. Swipe-Up games are highly engaging and can generate viral impressions enhancing your brand presence.

Market yourself at the Most Happening Place

Instagram and Facebook stories are one of the go-to places for all the interactions and major impressions with millennials, Gen-Z’s, youths, and all pouring multiple contents and interactive posts. Using swipe-up games can help the brands be a wholesome part of the most happening place and connect to the diaspora of the wider youth spectrum to achieve high brand interaction and increased awareness.

How it Works


Creation and




Transform your passive story viewing into engaging swipe-up interaction

Create engaging audience experiences out of passive story viewers with the use of swipe-up games. Here are the verticals that can capitalize on the trend and amplify the viewer experience.
Expoodle Vertical

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding Swipe-Up Games down below.

Swipe-up games are designed for Facebook and Instagram stories. These games enable the users to swipe up and open interactive games in the in-app browser hassle-free.

All you need to do is share your ideas and thoughts with us and our swipe-up games development team at Expoodle will take care of it. We will conceptualize an interactive gaming experience and showcase the concept to you for approval. Basis approval we design, test, and deploy the swipe-up games.

Swipe-up games focus on providing user interactive gaming experiences to build brand awareness. It acts differently from previous marketing techniques where users were confronted with marketing copy straightaway. Swipe-up games provide an interactive experience and allow the brand to tap into the wide spectrum of people on social media.

Swipe-up games are designed for Instagram and Facebook stories and as such support multiple smart devices. You can deploy swipe-up games and allows users to access them from any smart device.

Swipe-up games are built as a mobile-first experience and support vertical in-app browsing and easy maneuver.

We offer customized end-to-end solutions for creating, testing, and deploying swipe-up games. We offer various plans with different milestones and deliverables based on the needs of the client. Give us a call or connect with us today for more information.

Let’s transform your passive story viewing experience today!

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