Augmented Reality: Product and Concept Demonstration For HAL

Unveiling the power of AR demonstration for HAL’s new concept: The Mothership & it’s Unmanned Armed Vehicles.

Your New Media Vehicle For Brand Communication.

Have you ever wondered how immersive tech solutions can benefit your organisation? Expoodle will help you explore the best augmented reality solutions to transform brand practices through Augmented Reality apps by offering curated implementations that enable brands to stand out in their sales and marketing activities.
Augmented Reality solutions are compatible with holistic brand strategies and showcase tangible impact in it’s utility through higher ROI, lesser spends, higher bottom-line, enhanced customer engagement, and an exponential increase in brand recall.
Extended reality (XR) is a game-changer within marketing and sales strategy, one that allows brands to give their customers unique, personalized & interactive experiences with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. This trend is rapidly being used by marketers to create innovative advertising experiences that combine 'real' and virtual interactive elements.

The New Marketing X Factor in 2021.


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AR spend by 2025

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Thematic Virtual Showrooms in Web 3D/AR.

Creating something with reach is one way to engage your audience and go beyond the limitations of a convention or in person event. Customers will be able to see what your product can do, and interact with it from the comfort of their home or office space at any time of the day. Take customers directly where your product thrives by stepping into captivating environments built inside our Virtual Showrooms.

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Action Plan to get Started.




Duration: 1-2 days

We start with a meeting and a workshop to discuss your idea.



Conceptualisation & Storyboarding

Duration: 3 days

We present the first concept for an AR project - which technologies, devices and elements should be used.



Project Initiation

Duration: 10 - 90 days

Implementation of the agreed project in an agile methodology so your team can influence the shape of the final solution.



Analysis & Roadmap Creation for Production Deployment

Duration: 2 weeks

Defining individual stages of implementation of AR in your organisation.

Frequently asked questions.

Work with the best in the AR Marketing industry

Our core focus remains on providing customized and scalable AR-enabled marketing solutions for clients. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals pooled together to provide seamless conduct of end-to-end AR marketing for our clients.

What exactly is Web AR Marketing?

Web AR marketing uses web-based augmented reality to provide engaging and immersive marketing campaigns. The medium for web AR marketing does not require any app installation and can be viewed via your native device camera and web browser.

Should I consider hiring freelance or using a Web AR agency?

Working with a Web-AR-based Mar-tech company like Expoodle can give you access to a top-notch professional approach to web AR marketing. Our team features a dedicated panel of marketing experts, 3D designers, UI developers, and client servicing executives to augment your marketing campaign.

Can Web AR marketing drive ROI?

Web AR marketing is known to drive 70% more memory response and a 520% increase in intent to purchase. We at Expoodle carefully plan your marketing campaign with visible CTA’s within the webAR to capitalize on this and generate high click rates through which leads can be generated.

What types of AR marketing campaigns can you create?

Augmented reality has vast applications and can be beneficial for multiple industry verticals. Our webAR enabled marketing solutions cater to retail, fashion, food, fashion, marketing, and more. Our designs and prototypes have been known to create an immersive experience for users and increase brand exposure ultimately resulting in improved ROI.

Should SMEs use Augmented Reality

Yes, integrating AR-marketing solutions into the small and medium businesses can help create market penetration and generate brand awareness. AR can redefine the customer experience and improve brand reputation.

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