We often underestimate the above-mentioned solutions for various challenges faced by an enterprise. If you have ever wondered how Immersive Tech Solutions can benefit your organization, you would surely find the answers here!

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Experts in AR, VR, MR, and 360 Virtual Solutions

With the advancement in artificial intelligence, Expoodle aids the development of virtual events, including in-house AR/VR development company, project management, product marketing as well as immersive content creation in the domain of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Full Stack AR/VR Development

With the sliding wave of 4.0 industrial revolution, the aid of AR / VR / MR solutions has enabled enterprises with DIY solutions, automation, analytics, better working conditions for employees, and a digital supply chain.

Engage your consumers with immersive AR VR solutions for your products/services to rocket up your sales effectively.

Through Expoodle’s extensive capabilities in immersive  technologies we aim to revolutionize the way brands place themselves in the market and optimize / configure your software ecosystem to work in a full stream!

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Why Expoodle?

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At Expoodle we master virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 2D and 3D digital environments. A young and vibrant MarTech company using its knowledge to find the best solution for you. Eager to prove itself. We understand live communication and are able to incorporate this with virtual techniques like no other. Challenge us. We will find and offer the best solution at a price that you will like as much as working with us… Curious?

Okay, how does it work?

Our challenge to solve your challenge is the fact that you probably have no idea what is possible in the virtual world. We do. As the possibilities are endless, it is obvious why experience and knowing (live) communication is vital. By dissecting your challenge Expoodle makes sure to solve it completely; We want to exceed your expectations and the expectations your clients have of you! Experience our motto: Happy Expoodling!



Expoodle is an independent martech (marketing technology) and IT servicing solutioning organization that caters to the events market, using its experience to optimize and enable both virtual and hybrid events.

Expoodle provides software services and solutions for Virtual Events, including in-house Product Development, Project Management, Product Marketing as well as Immersive Content Creation in the domain of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality. Expoodle is simultaneously also working on an XR collaboration platform, that escalates collaboration up a notch, with access points for this collaboration from web, windows, VR, and MR devices.


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E2E Fairs is a virtual platform dedicated to providing a one stop solution for your all your event needs. Encompassing important elements like High class environments, abundant networking opportunities, customer management integration, as well as an added cell phone app interconnectivity will enable our customers to engage and interact with ease and distance.

This platform allows you to immerse yourself in environments and communicate with your prospects within. We want to create content for participants to immerse themselves completely in a world that empowers social interactions between them. VR lets us create new worlds, expand our existing ones, and attempt the unimaginable.

This platform is created not out of need but out of intent instead. This ever evolving technology is believed to be the future of business adaptation. MR responds to your gaze, voice and gestures, making it closer to intuitive reality more than ever before. Tomorrow’s outcome is disclosed by creating products today. Purposeful vision comes from getting firsthand experience with the real world, real apparatus, real clients, real problem solving. 

A solution provider synonymous with an array of Web based as well as AR/VR/MR based Platforms for Industries to build upon.

virtual reality platform development company
augmented reality design & development agency

Achieve organic digitization in enterprises in order to enhance KPI’s, ROI’s as well as employee retention and on-boarding.


Hardware diversity to enhance user-experience across different access points.


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