Virtual Event Organisers: E2E Fairs

Are you looking out for something to virtually engage people?
If yes, then we got you sorted, we have figured out the ways to escalate business for trade show organizers.

A solid foundation of API-based modules is what we refer to as the E2E fairs (Events-2-Extend) platform. E2E Fairs is not only user-friendly for organizers but also for the attendees and exhibitors.

The E2E platforms would provide you with all the options that are needed to seamlessly host engaging as well as customized virtual and hybrid events.

E2E Features

  • Landing page for Event Details, Registration, Agenda and Partner/Sponsors Management
  • Virtual 3D Environment with multiple options to choose from
  • Multiple formats of Lobbies, Auditoriums, Exhibition Halls as per the requirements
  • Live and Semi Live Sessions with live Q&A and polling option
  • Networking Zone to exchange cards, iMatch, request for meetings. Sponsors or partners can have a dedicated meeting room/table for one-to-one video meeting or chat interactions.
  • Virtual Exhibitions with a variety of touchpoints/points of interest for each booth
  • Visitor resources to save and download all event interactions
  • Detailed Analytics

The Journeys

Being well versed with  the actual show floor we know that the customer journey is a vital element for a successful show.

Organiser Journey

The organiser must have a user friendly journey to manage, add and edit participants and team members at the show.

Exhibitor Journey

With a personal login, the exhibitor can add, edit and update marketing collaterals through a seamless content management panel.

Speaker Journey

The speaker can answer questions in the live Q&A, upload and time the PPT's, PDF's, and videos through his agenda management system.

Customer Journey

Our modular platform allows each user to have a targeted user journey and get them exactly where they need to be for a driven ROI.

Visitor Journey

Registration can be customized to make sure the visitor takes a targeted journey and provide relevant analytics in the event.

Sponsor Options

The platform has multiple sponsor options to generate income for the organizer and to give extra visibility to sponsors of the show.

As you can see the preparation in developing the roadmap for each journey is essential to the success of the virtual event. Expoodle can and will assist you in developing the perfect journey for each. After your okay on the briefing Expoodle can envision these journeys so you will see exactly what these journeys entail. Any alterations or additions are discovered in time and can be done without any stress.

Besides a smooth journey we have quite a few features which can enhance and upgrade your event. This is also why Expoodle offers the platform as a service, not as a product. To give you an idea of standard and optional features:

Your Virtual Event

Why would I do that? 

P.S.-You might ask yourself…

  • Bored from the monologues and single sided presentations on video conferencing apps
  • Because you just do not get the connection and results you want
  • To stay in touch with your clients
  • To introduce your latest innovation
  • Learning and Skill Enhancement in the Organization

There are numerous other reasons to organize an event for your company, association or institution. In a very user friendly environment you will have full control of the event and Expoodle can elevate your event to a whole new (virtual) level. 

Why E2E Fairs?

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