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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that makes the digital world seem real. Unlike the traditional user interfaces, VR enables a person to interact with an artificial three-dimensional (3D) sensory environment.

Virtual reality represents an extraordinary shift in the way humans experience the digital realm. The enterprise VR category is growing exponentially, projected by PwC to grow from a $13.5 billion sector in 2019 to $450.5 billion by 2030. So, it’s not hard to imagine a predominantly digital future powered by VR environments.

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Virtual Reality solutions

Expoodle offers end-to-end VR solutions to enterprises by helping you to create VR experiences that are driven by your ideas to engage your target audience. Expoodle focuses on solutions that can tackle multiple target audiences through a single solution, thereby capitalizing on cost and outcome simultaneously.

While keeping in mind the needs of our customers, we create an environment that generates efficient output through minimal input. Expoodlers understand that the technology to create virtual experiences is ever-evolving and our strong partner ecosystem gives us the leverage to stay updated within the industry.

Virtual Reality Development

Virtual Reality enables you to build interactive content for your virtual collaborations.

Expoodle will help you create VR experiences that are driven by your ideas to engage, immerse and collaborate. Expoodlers keep in mind the need of the customers.

Virtual Reality has a real business value as well. Today, more and more businesses are coming with newer and innovative techniques to incorporate VR into their routine business processes and are trying to make their operations more productive and efficient.

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Expoodle will help you create experiences that are driven by your ideas to engage, immerse, and collaborate. With keeping in mind the need of our customers, we create environments that generate efficient output through minimal input.


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Bringing VR to your organization begins with establishing a core team to drive the effort. Expoodle deploys a dedicated VR team to kick off the effort and determine the smartest solutions and use cases for your business. The AR/VR space is not just directly beneficial in the B2C space but also accentuates B2B practices by providing value additions to showcase product & service offerings in an immersive medium.

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