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AR in the Food & Beverage Industry has wide-scale applications with multi-trigger engagements, right from staff training to augmented food menus, that enriches customer engagement and creates several interaction points. This immersive tech can be used for dine-in, take-outs as well as for delivery and food packaging providing immense flexibility.

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Marketing Solutions For Food & Beverage:


With AR in the Food & Beverage industry, the opportunities for engaging with customers are innumerable. ‘Table-top’ menu approach is one such idea whereby simply scanning the QR code, a customer can view the food items on the menu in hyper-reality.


AR enables you to share the nutritional information, ingredients, benefits, with the customers along with the immersive visuals. This allows a customer to order food that matches their taste and preferences, in turn attracting more customers and leading to higher customer acquisition.


Augmented Reality is one of the more effective and efficient ways to do things. In the Food & Beverage industry, this can be used for staff training. Not only does it prove to be cost-effective, it also ensures high quality, attention-to-detail, and fewer mistakes.

What Does AR Bring To The Food & Beverage Industry?


Customisable Orders - With AR-customisation in food, a customer can customise food as per their tastes, and preferred ingredients. This can help specially in the case of customers with specific allergies. This enticing feature gives customers reasons to come back again.



Successfull Use Cases:

Magnolia Bakery

Pizza Hut

Le Petit Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries regarding AR in Food & Beverages Industry down below.

There are numerous ways to implement augmented reality in the food industry. Augmented Food menus, table-top QR codes, food demonstration, AR-based gaming experiences for the dine-in experience, etc. Interactive AR packaging is another way of implementing AR which works wonders for take-outs and especially food deliveries.

By making the whole dining experience more customer-centric and customisable, AR has revolutionized the Food industry. From food customisation as per the customer’s taste to showing the whole food preparation process, AR has changed how people perceive dining. Enhanced customer experience, improved employee productivity and prime customer satisfaction are some of the achievements of AR in the food industry.

We offer customized end-to-end solutions for creating, testing and deploying AR-based marketing solutions in the food & beverage industry. We have a wide range of plans to offer, with different milestones and deliverables based on the needs of the client. For more information or to get in touch with us, Contact now.

The future of augmented reality in the food service industry can be looked at in a way that AR in itself is the future of this industry. AR has humongous untapped potential which can keep providing new, unique and innovative solutions to keep up with the ever-changing, dynamic and hard to match expectations and tastes of the customers.

Safety and hygiene are two of the most important factors for a customer before ordering food. AR can help in keeping the safety and hygiene levels at par. With effective and efficient staff training, the risk of contamination is reduced majorly at the first level itself. Moreover, with its immersive visuals, it can give a customer a clear idea about the food even before eating. So in case there’s something in the food that the customer is allergic to or that needs to be avoided, a customer can get to know that even before tasting the dish. This way AR can improve safety in the food industry and ensure that only hygienic and healthy food is served.

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