Going Hybrid

Unique In The Exhibition Industry

The combination of Expoodle and XS Worldwide is a unique one, offering the best possible solution for the near future. ‘Hybrid’ is the magic word! We can offer the combination of a virtual and a real live booth, which will be the new normal in the exhibition industry. Matching designs, a launch of the virtual booth before the physical show enabling your clients to have a look, book appointments with your sales staff and a unique way of also targeting people who will not be able to come to the trade show and raise curiosity with the ones who will come to the show!

Hybrid, Great Idea! But How Does This Work?

All starts with a briefing, you are probably used to setting up a briefing for your trade show participation but now an extra layer of information will need to be added. Of course we will be assisting you by asking the right questions. With your answers we can develop both the perfect ‘real live’ trade show booth and we can take care of your virtual booth as well. We not only build both the physical and virtual booth, our creative team can also make sure you get the utmost from your participation. By fine tuning the designs, product presentations, routing and look & feel to the goals set by you, combined with fresh and innovative ideas from our side, your trade show participation will be a double success!

Would you like to know more about this unique Hybrid solution?

E2E Virtual Fairs Verticals

  • Virtual Individual Corporate Events

Whether it’s a Product Launch, Partner Meet or any Internal Event, we have a complete range of solutions for all your individual corporate events.

  • Virtual Conference & Expo

Full fledged immersive experience for your convention through a complete 3D Environment, Live/Pre-recorded Sessions, Networking Opportunities and variety of Visitor’s Engagement as well as Detailed Analytics to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Virtual Exhibitions

State of art 3D Walkthrough of multiple exhibition halls with a variety of options to choose from the standard or customized booth packages. Network with attendees and control your show with a robust CMS.

virtual reality events solutions company

As you can see the preparation in developing the roadmap for each journey is essential to the success of the virtual event. Expoodle can and will assist you in developing the perfect journey for each. After your okay on the briefing Expoodle can envision these journeys so you will see exactly what these journeys entail. Any alterations or additions are discovered in time and can be done without any stress.

Besides a smooth journey we have quite a few features which can enhance and upgrade your event. This is also why Expoodle offers the platform as a service, not as a product. To give you an idea of standard and optional features:

Our Offerings

All elements above can be customized to the look & feel you want and your target audience. You can also have multiple Auditoria, Exhibition halls or Networking Zones for example. The E2E Fairs platform has numerous options and customizable opportunities. Of course, we know our platform inside out and that is why it is so important to discuss options and possibilities. Contact us for a demo and you will learn why.

Organiser Journey

The organiser must have a user friendly journey to manage, add and edit participants and team members at the show.

Exhibitor Journey

With a personal login, the exhibitor can add, edit and update marketing collaterals through a seamless content management panel.

Speaker Journey

The speaker can answer questions in the live Q&A, upload and time the PPT's, PDF's, and videos through his agenda management system.

Customer Journeys

Our modular platform allows each user to have a targeted user journey and get them exactly where they need to be for a driven ROI.

Visitor Journey

Registration can be customized to make sure the visitor takes a targeted journey and provide relevant analytics in the event.

Sponsor Options

The platform has multiple sponsor options to generate income for the organizer and to give extra visibility to sponsors of the show.

Happy Expoodling!