About Us

We are passing through strange and surreal times, and Non-Humans are our Teachers. They are pointing out at our mistakes and exploitations, where we have gone wrong, and what we have taken for granted. Business Models and Business Architecture suddenly feels weak and insufficient…at times, totally misplaced. Expoodle is here to enable businesses to tackle and absorb obstacles and have a three-dimensional vision that is beyond the realm of reality.

Our Mission

Expoodle is taking a transformative journey from a ‘Bricks & Mortar’ real time world into the world of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. We are developing a technology aided business process created by best of breed professionals, who would own its evolution and pace. We will continuously remain ahead of the learning curve, through astute knowledge management and retain a customer-centric approach.

Our Story

What started with Trade Show Presence Management and Brand Enablement for Global Corporate Customers; kept on growing towards increasing Customer Dependency to Ring Fence all aspects of their Trade Show and Corporate Events facilitation. 

Having reached a leadership level in this Services Domain, the only way forward was to increase Technology Participation in the offering. Hence internal research in that direction began quite some time back.

Anurag, supported by his Daughter, Ketaki Madan, has now created a Team of highly skilled Business and Technology Professionals of International repute to take their Domain Dream forward, mounted on an advanced Technology Backbone; thereby giving rise to the Brand Expoodle.

The Domain Leadership of XS Worldwide, coupled with a Young and Energetic Executive Board, a very well experienced and seasoned Board of Mentors; and a Strategically Retained Consultants Platform is what is powering Expoodle on to the World Stage, with the Best of Breed and ever evolving Cutting Edge Technology offering.

Happy Expoodling!